There are over 30 million companies in the United States alone, and nearly all of them need the services that a digital agency provides in order to function, like build and maintain a goal-based website, target and attract new clients and customers, and provide technical support and solutions.

That’s a lot of functions needed by a lot of companies. For most, if one of those key functions isn’t working, there’s a big problem. Sadly, most companies have a problem with ALL of these functions.

Most small to medium-sized businesses are in a situation similar to this:

  1. They’re behind the curve in terms of their digital footprint
  2. They have an older website that doesn’t really help them make money
  3. They don’t have search engine indexing or natural organic traffic
  4. They don’t have paid ads and traffic which produces business
  5. They don’t have a strong offer or reason for people to choose them instead of a similar company

and, they don’t have a plan for solving 1 through 5.

Right, so when the company gets motivated (usually by a competitor who IS doing all these things well) to solve these problems, they find they’re in need of a lot of things, and they don’t know how they’re going to get it done.

When companies come to us, these are the most common things they tell us:

  • I want to get my company updated on everything, website, search engines, social media, Ads.
  • I want to be able to just hire one company that will handle everything for us.
  • I want a long term plan with someone I can trust to get it done.
  • I’m already behind my industry, so I want to move quickly.
  • Because I’m behind, I don’t have a ton of money to invest right now.
  • I’ve tried to get my staff to do all of this, but it’s just too much work and we don’t really know what to do.

Spiderside … we provide done-for-you digital services for small and medium-sized businesses in Santa Barbara. Website support, traffic building, paid ads, social media, and overall digital strategy, and we do it quickly and for prices that are realistic for small companies in the Santa Barbara area. We are a local company with a local team and support system, so we can give you the support and answers you need at any time.